About Him

Kevin Tan, the Enthusiastic Photographer

Kevin is in love in photography for more than 10 years. He started to learn photography when he was in secondary school before the digital age. He stopped using SLR after graduated from secondary school and started his photography journey again from May’2008, which he bought himself a used DSLR from a friend and started to shoot anything that comes by. Since then, he is deeply in love in photography again. He was given opportunities by friends to shoot their weddings and thats how he evolved his career as a freelance photographer.

Currently, Kevin is helping his churches to capture numerous footages. As a God’s creation, he loves to snap God’s creations and hoping that his photos not only convey a story but also a LOVE message from Lord.He is a person that is pure and cheerful, a person that will treat you as nice as he can be. If you met Kevin, you can find that he holds no weapon on his hand, he will try to accept who you are and try his best to make you a happy person. A true christian and the lover of God, his pictures were greatly affected from his believe, that we humans are able to interact with a pure nature, simply pour from the heart, without the need of money and fame.
Kevin’s picture has many perspecitves, from straight forward kind of joy to deep inside the heart. His pictures can well be metaphore from a beautiful curve that reflect inside of our mind, transpose to a large space of imagination. His pictures are able to allow individual to expand their heart and mind, allow individuals to accept each other with an endless heart. Individuals that carries a pure and simple heart are able to well understood Kevin’s work. The greatest thing that Kevin has is his all accepting heart and sensitive nature. He cares for you more than he cares about himself, simply because he wanted you to receive his best. And with Kevin in the team, we kill all his limitations so that he can make you receive even better returns. Lets create memories!